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About the Alliance


The Slovak Battery Alliance (SBaA) is an independent advocacy group composed of legal entities and operating as an industry cluster.

The only cluster in Slovakia, SBaA operates in the fields of strategy, legislation and communication to build a comprehensive battery chain in Slovakia. It is an executive platform for the cooperation among the public and private sectors, innovators, the academic community and financial institutions. Its aim is to participate in the battery value chain in Europe.

The association and cooperation were established by a joint declaration at the inaugural meeting of the Slovak Battery Alliance on October 5, 2018.

Some signatories of the declaration then decided to found an advocacy group of legal entities as an industrial cluster. An industrial cluster is a geographic concentration of interconnected firms, suppliers, and institutions in a particular field, sharing common features and complementarity. Clusters supported by the European Union have recently become viewed as important entities which have the potential to jump-start and significantly increase the innovation potential of their constituents.

The Slovak Battery Alliance was established on June 20, 2019 and registered as an advocacy group of legal entities on August 6, 2019.

The main goal of SBaA is to promote long-term competitiveness, merger and mobilization of its members' resources in order to establish an innovative and competitive battery eco-system in Slovakia. It wants to carry out activities aimed at increasing the awareness of this eco-system's importance for the industry.

Its particular goal is to promote Slovak battery production and to assist in the development of a comprehensive battery chain in Slovakia from the mining of raw materials to battery regeneration and recycling.