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National smoke-free day with batteries

8.9.2022 Bratislava. The Slovak Battery Alliance (SBaA) participated as a partner in the professional event prepared by Hospodárske noviny on the occasion of the National Smoke Free Day.

"Such events about energy and emissions are extremely useful at this time to publicly discuss what the real problem is and what solutions are available," said Marian Smik, representative of the Slovak Battery Alliance in a panel discussion on electromobility and emissions.

The participants in the panel discussed the real situation in industry and decarbonization, the biggest polluters and producers of CO2 emissions and the share of transport. Air transport also has a share in the creation of emissions, which is not dealt with as intensively as passenger and truck transport.

"We need to think about the intensity of research into batteries, because they will be necessary for new electric cars and the requirements for their performance will increase rapidly. It is also important to remove elements and substances from batteries that may be unavailable in the future," Marián Smik added in the discussion.