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The pilot EBA Academy programme
under the SBaA has started

Košice, May 10, 2023

The Slovak Battery Alliance (SBaA) on 10th of May 2023 in Košice launched a pilot programme EBA Academy in cooperation with EIT InnoEnergy supported by the European Union. The mutual cooperation was confirmed by a declaration of long-term cooperation in this capacity training programme for the battery sector.

The Expert Battery Program, the best known module of the EBA Academy, is a unique European and very rich educational program aimed at upgrading qualifications for new trends in the industry and in particular building strategic value chains. 

"It focuses on three strategic areas, including the battery sector, which is extremely important for the industry in the future and there is a boom in Europe at the moment in this production in Europe," said Oana Penu of EIT InnoEnergy.  To successfully meet the needs of the battery industry, we need to train 800,000 new engineers and retrain some professions for the battery sector already by 2025.

EBA Academy as a professional platform is to provide with its partners such specialized training of experts and technicians for the battery industry from this year also in Slovakia. For Slovakia as an automotive major, battery experts are extremely necessary and the launch of such a programme is all the more welcome.  The complete programme for battery industry technicians and experts includes 130 hours of online knowledge, which is regularly updated.  The expert programme, for example, includes dozens of lessons in areas ranging from electrochemistry, materials science, artificial intelligence, to business models, and so on. In the next phase of technical and experimental preparation, the involvement of academics and technology centres from Slovakia is also foreseen, directly in the training of experts, Maroš Halama from TUKE/SBaA East Office said.

"SBaA is preparing to launch long-term registration for those interested in such training in the 2nd half of 2023, so it is necessary to follow our website www.sbaa.sk", said Marian Smik, Chairman of SBaA.