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About the Alliance


SBaA ensures joint presentation of its members during events organized by the association, participation in technical and awareness-raising events and representation vis-a-vis national, local and other bodies and institutions.

In order to achieve its long-term goals and partial objectives the SBaA performs the following activities:

  • Promotes the production of batteries in Slovakia, particularly for the automotive industry, but also for other sectors of transportation and industry.
  • Operates as an industrial cluster aimed at promoting innovation in its field, including international cooperation.
  • Promotes the creation of jobs in its field.
  • Participates in the battery value chain in Europe, acting as a counter-balance to the trends on the Asian markets.
  • Closely collaborates with industry actors and innovators united in the European Battery Alliance (EBA) and other international associations and organizations.
  • Increases awareness of clean energy systems and the significance of the battery eco-system, promotes development and innovations in this area.
  • Promotes and improves education in the area of electromobility and energy, training of experts and education of representatives of its own members.
  • Promotes international exchange of information and technology transfer, roll-out of innovations and partnerships of experts which benefit the development of the battery eco-system in Slovakia.
  • Develops and updates a database of entities active in battery manufacturing and development, and related fields with special emphasis on the automotive industry.
  • Makes use of European funding available to the cluster to help it achieve its goals.
  • Promotes R&D projects and rollout of innovations in electromobility, energy storage and hydrogen systems.
  • Participates in and initiates research studies pertaining to the battery eco-system, while cooperating with universities, schools and experts, particularly in the areas of electromobility, energy storage and hydrogen systems.
  • Organizes expert events, seminars and conferences related to the goals of the association.
  • Participates in the legislative process and review procedures of legal regulations and other binding documents which relate to the activities of the association's members and the goals of the cluster.